Ricks Carpet & Cleaning(West Palm Beach, FL)

My carpet cleaning system is completely green.With with 14 years experience in the industry and using other truck mounted equipment,I decided I wanted to do my part for our environment.So after 5 months of painstaking work and testing I have designed and built my own(NOT STORE BOUGHT} truck mounted equipment that is total electric,so there are no gas or exhaust fumes to enter the home and quiet enough that it won't bother your neighbors. With the auto industry and utility companies working on clean energy I thought this might be more appealing to consumers. Also my cleaning products are completely green so they are earth, people and pet friendly. With higher vacuum and lower pressure this is the ultimate in carpet & upholstery cleaning.(NO OVER WETTING TO START WITH AND A MUCH FASTER DRYING TIME)most carpets in as little as 1 hour and upholstery before I leave. But you don't have to compromise price for innovative service,Room price is $30.00 per room and includes any traffic lane pretreatment necessary to get the job done right and the only additional charges may be extremely over sized rooms or pet odor removal. Upholstery is at $12.00 per linear foot and includes the same.I also have a method of cleaning that can dry carpets much faster if need be.I have not had a disappointed client in 14 years,I like what I do and love to see happy customers. If your looking for prompt,professional,reliable,and friendly service.Call Rick at 1-561-768-1012.If no answer please leave a message and I will return your call promptly,or you may text your message to me and I will respond as soon as possible.